Incorporating healthy habits into your daily routine can increase your happiness.

Research has shown that engaging in intentional activities on a regular basis may increase your sense of overall happiness. When talking about intentional activities, we are referring to activities that you choose to do or be involved in that have a positive impact on your life. By participating in these activities, you may experience a boost in your positivity and happiness.  According to research, this is likely to lead to a bigger and longer-lasting improvement in your happiness levels than a change in circumstances would.

This is because studies have shown that although a change in circumstance, such as starting a new job or moving to a new house, may boost your happiness, this boost is likely to be short-lived. On a positive note, this means that you often have more control over your happiness than you realise. By engaging in regular activities that you enjoy or incorporating some healthy habits into your daily routine, you are making positive changes that are likely to lead to you feeling happier overall.

We all have things that make us happy and that makes us think ‘I wish I could do that more often’. Take a moment to think about what those are for you. It might be a relaxing bubble bath, going for an early morning walk, or listening to your favourite song in the car. There might also be a healthy habit that you have always wanted to do but have never quite gotten around to – maybe it’s stretching when you wake up or increasing your daily water intake. Think about which one of these you would most like to include in your day and commit to starting just that one healthy habit. Make sure you pick something that fits into your routine and that you enjoy – this will make it much easier to stick to!

Commit to doing it for a month and see what an impact it has on you and your happiness!

written by Kerryn Giles, Educational psychologist.