Yuzu is a citrus fruit of East Asian origin and has traditionally been used to promote psychosomatic (mind-body) health. Yuzu produces a distinctive aroma of citrus and floral that promote calmness, reduces stress, and uplifts your mood.

The scientific Journal of Alternative and Complementary medicine reported on the results of a research study exploring the effects of smelling Yuzu on mood states. Results indicated that inhaling the scent alleviates negative emotional stress. Yuzu is highly nutritious and contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamine B6 + B5, fiber, protein, thiamine, and small quantities of magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc, and Vitamin E.

The Yuzu fruit, its juice, and seeds are being used in a variety of ways. Traditionally, Yuzu was used in cooking, for making vinegar and seasoning. Yuzu is often used in Japan to make various sweets, including marmalade, jellies, and cakes. According to food and nutritional science studies, Yuzu also possesses antioxidant, anti-inflammatories, and anti-diabetic properties and exhibits preventive effects on cognitive dysfunction.  Apart from Yuzu’s nutritional value, Yuzu is also used in cosmetics because of its distinctive pleasing fragrance. The essence of this fragrance falls somewhere between grapefruit and mandarin orange, with subtle overtones of bergamot and lime.

If you want to lift your mood, make use of Yuzu for its mood-lifting properties. Search for the Yuzu fruit in your local fruit and vegetable market. If you have no luck, don’t stress. Yuzu can be found in a variety of cosmetics and perfumes. Search for bath products, scented soaps, scented candles, or Yuzu in essential oils.

Let’s start celebrating mother nature and the gifts she gives us to improve our mood!

written by Derika de Villiers, Clinical psychologist.